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Myasthenia Gravis Medical ID Bracelet or Necklace a Must for Patients

Traditional Medical ID Bracelet
As myasthenia gravis progresses, sudden 'flares' or attacks can occur unexpectedly and often at awkward times. Wearing a medical ID bracelet or necklace can be a great benefit in explaining your situation to those around you and perhaps even save your life should you have a myasthenic crisis.

Often new MGer's are aware that they need a medical  ID bracelet but just never get around to ordering one. When symptoms are in the mild to medium range it's easy to forget that you
have an incurable and progressive disease. That could be dangerous because of the unpredictable nature of MG.

A serious complication of myasthenia gravis is respiratory failure. This may be secondary to an exacerbation of myasthenia (myasthenia crisis) or to treatment with excess doses of a cholinesterase inhibitor (cholinergic crisis). Managing respiratory failure and differentiating a myasthenia from a cholinergic crisis will be critical in an emergency situation. Knowing that you are myasthenic at the onset will allow the emergency team to order the right tests and medication. Even if you are unable to talk at the time, wearing a medical ID bracelet or necklace can contain identify you as having myasthenis gravis and the medication you're taking.  The emergency team will be able to act swiftly and give you the proper treatment.

MG can get become severe when you least expect it. Sometimes all it takes is a little stress to set it off. With a sudden flare up, you could fall while at the store (for example) and then begin to slur your words when you try to explain what's going on.  People might think that you're intoxicated. Your ID bracelet and a medical information card could mean the difference between somebody calling the police or an ambulance.

MGer's can indeed be mistaken for being 'under the influence'. Having an episode while driving is of particular concern. Not necessarily because of a crises (although that would be terrible) but a simple traffic stop can suddenly turn into ordeal. The stress of being pulled over and questioned by the police could easily cause symptoms to appear. Double vision, drifting eye movement and slurred speech are signs that police officers are watching for. Many myasthenics would have trouble walking a straight line with their arms stretched out if their leg or hip muscles happen to be affected. Your medical ID bracelet and an information card with details could serve to explain a lot.

So for all the above reasons, if you have myasthenia gravis, it's a good idea to order a medical ID bracelet or a necklace of some kind as soon as possible. They are available at pharmacies, department stores and at some jewelry stores. Or you can order from our Medical ID Center now, while your thinking about it. You'll have something nice to look forward to getting in the mail. Powered by Amazon.Com,the Medical ID Center has one of the best selections of its kind on the internet.

Whether you buy something now or later, if you have myasthenia gravis, it's something that you need to do. Even if you only have ptosis now, you never know when you'll need to explain your condition.

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Living with myasthenia gravis can be challenging. Planning ahead by wearing a medical ID bracelet (or something like that) can make some of the worst possible challenges a lot easier to contend with.

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