Monday, July 6, 2015

Local TV station highlights little girl diagnosed with myasthenia gravis

Little Hattie Ewert - diagnosed with MG

It's rare to see anything about MG in the news. Even during MG month (June) when there are walks and special events across the country, coverage is slim. To be fair to the media, myasthenia gravis is rare and difficult to explain to the public. Especially when the photography shows seemingly healthy looking people - walking or dancing and generally being happy. Watching happy people have a good time doesn't exactly pull on the heart strings.

But still, from time to time, reports about MG do make it through. What I like about this video from a local TV station in Rapid City, SD, is that it is both heartwarming and informative. Informative because it explains and underscores the variability of the MG symptoms. It's still a 'fluff' piece, don't get me wrong, but either by design or by accident the video highlights the fluctuating nature of myasthenia gravis. And she is so cute.