Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How a young model found success - despite dealing with her rag-doll disease, myasthenia gravis.

A recent article in The Daily Mail (Online) reported on the success and determination of model, Clare-Alana Ford as she struggles with the rare muscle condition, myasthenia gravis.

As a model she has to hold hard, angular poses for long periods. But the condition causes her to suddenly become weak and 'floppy' without notice. Just like a rag-doll.

Ms Ford, 22, from Hayling Island, Hampshire, suffers from a bizarre condition that makes her body go limp and weak without warning.

The following article describes Ms Ford's journey, starting at age 17 when she first experienced symptoms and later when her thymus gland was surgically removed.

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The incurable condition, often nicknamed the rag doll disease, can cause Ms Ford to lose all control of her voluntary muscles, such as those in her legs and arms.

But despite her rag doll condition - known as myasthenia gravis – Ms Ford has managed to forge a successful modelling career.

Clare-Alana said: 'Sometimes I will go to put my hair up and suddenly my arms will just go limp and flop down to my side.

'I've been walking along the road before and my legs will just give way, and there's nothing I can do.

'It's a condition that improves with rest so I have to talk breaks when I'm doing activity.
'It sounds strange but it's just like a rag doll.

'It can be difficult as I get very tired, but I refuse to be a slave to my condition.

'I love modelling and I've been able to be successful despite my health issues.

'I'll always do my best and I'll never let it affect how well I do on a shoot.
'I won't let my condition define me.'

Ms Ford began to model at the age of 17 - just as she began to experience her unusual symptoms.

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